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Students at CTTC

At Chase Terrace, we aim for a culture of strong mutual support and respect. It is important to us that the students here feel cared for and supported and that they know what is expected of them. Furthermore, we recognise the value of student voice and agency: students are encouraged to participate in whole-school decision-making and, when they are ready, to take on leadership roles.

‘Respect for All’

General Expectations

1. Show consideration for others.

2. Cooperate immediately with staff.

3. Use appropriate language.

4. Arrive at school and lessons on time. Line up quietly outside the classroom.

5. Bring all the equipment and books you need.

6. Complete homework and coursework on time.

7. Keep mobile phones safe and secure throughout the day (they are your
    responsibility). Never take photos/videos without staff permission.

8. Make sure you are dressed correctly in uniform. No outdoor clothing indoors.

9. Walk inside buildings and don’t block corridors.

10. Eat only in the canteen and hub areas. Dispose of your litter responsibly.

Above all, cooperate and make a positive contribution to the School.

Classroom Expectations

1. Be unpacked and ready to work within 5 minutes of the end of the last
    lesson or break.

2. Make sure that you are in uniform (no coats etc.).

3. Have all necessary books and equipment with you. No bags or other items
    on the desk.

4. Sit where you are directed to sit.

5. Make sure that your mobile phone, iPod etc. is switched off and in your
    bag (unless told otherwise).

6. Do not eat (including chewing gum) or drink (other than water).

7. Listen carefully when the teacher or another student is speaking to the class.

8. Put up your hand if you wish to contribute or ask a question (no shouting

9. Put in a good effort and never ‘put down’ other students’ efforts.

10. Work at a sensible noise level or in silence, as directed.

Above all, cooperate and make a positive contribution to the lesson.