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2018 GCSE Exam Results

For most of us, 9 x 9s is 81! For Jack Hollingworth, a modest, mild mannered, diligent, hardworking, outstanding student, 9 x 9s will, from now on, always represent the number of qualifications he achieved at grade 9 here at CTTC. To stress just how remarkable and impressive this achievement is, the new grade 9 (awarded for the first time in Maths and English last year and in the majority of other subjects this year) is an even higher grade than the old A*. Putting this into a national context, I have just read on the BBC News website that only 732 students across the whole of England achieved this incredible feat. Jack really is the cream of the cream and as a school we couldn’t be prouder of him! For students and parents reading this article and aspiring to replicate these achievements, Jack’s methods were simple – he is undoubtedly a very bright boy who worked and revised hard, he was well organised; he sort advice from his teachers and acted upon it; he was determined and didn’t allow himself to be distracted – in short, a great role model for other students. I am delighted to report that Jack will be attending 6th form here at CTTC with the longer term ambition of studying Law at a top university. There is little doubt that he will achieve these longer term goals. Outstanding! Congratulations Jack!

3 other students worthy of a mention because they typify our schools desire to encourage the development of the individual as a whole are Megan Preece (3 x 9s, 3 x 8s, 1 x A* and 2 x 7s), Hannah Elton (3 x 9s, 2 x 8s, 1 x A and 3 x 6s) and Georgia Pritchard (1 x Distinction*, 5 x 8s, 1 x 7 and 1 x 6). Each of these students have juggled their academic studies whilst representing GB/England in their chosen sports; Megan in Karate, Hannah in Taekwondo, and Georgia in Golf. Their determination to put in the hours of training required to reach this national standard and then to match this with the hours of academic study needed to attain these grades speaks volumes about these young people. There is much to be recommended in the girls’ approach – looking after both mind and body are essential in today’s digital world. We are very proud of their achievements.

I would like to pass my congratulations onto all students for their exam successes. Life does not give everyone as easy ride and I’m particularly proud of those students who have worked through challenging circumstances to achieve their results. I pass my thanks onto the experienced and dedicated staff who have supported these students throughout their time at CTTC. I would also like to thank our parents, many of whom were more nervous than their children on results day for their essential support of the work we do as a school.

Amongst the anticipation and excitement of results day, CTTC is delighted to showcase just a few students who have achieved great success across broad areas of life and of whom we are naturally enormously proud.

Just a few of the smiling faces at Chase Terrace Technology College on GCSE Results Day. L:R Megan Preece, Joe Burley, Jack Hollingworth, Jorgia Barrett, Madeleine Chiles, Hannah Elton.

In a world where exam success rightly or wrongly makes a real difference to an individual’s future prospects, it is essential to remember that examined academic ability is only a small part of what makes us who we are as individuals. Success for one person can look very different to that of another.

Level 2 GCSE & Btec Results 2018